Biblical Wisdom

Do you consider yourself to be Biblically wise? No matter how well any person knows the word of God, it is only the one who puts it into practice who is identified as “wise” and a member of Jesus’ spiritual family (Mt. 7:24,25; Lk. 8:21). Anyone who knows the words of God but does not put them into practice is compared to the foolish man who builds his house on sand (Mt. 7:26,27). Biblical Wisdom is exemplified in that type of wise man, who built his house on the rock.

Dan Corner is a holiness preacher and Bible teacher who outlines the importance of putting the word of God into practice throughout your daily life in order to be a member of Jesus’ spiritual family. Learn more about the significance of being Biblically wise at

Bible Studies

Bible studies are specifically geared for the saints. Through such the righteous can grow spiritually and be warned of various relevant dangers. Bible studies are, therefore, very important but one must be careful that the bible studies he is getting are coming from a real Christian. There are many false teachers and false prophets in our day who also offer Bible studies (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Calvinist, Church of Christ, United Pentecostals, etc.), which can actually damage the recipients. To gain true insight and understanding of the Bible, one must sincerely seek it directly from the Scriptures themselves, especially through meditating and pondering them. It is best to carefully read the Bible for yourself rather than to make the common mistake of just trusting another’s interpretation, even one whom you love and respect.

To find sound Bible studies look no further. Evangelical Outreach directed by Dan Corner has MANY teachings from the Bible.

Find Peace with God

Many people do not even realize that they do not have peace with God, which is the reason they never pursue it! True peace comes from having your heavy sin load forgiven. When Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross, he made it possible for all people to have eternal life and peace with God. Another problem is, many people wrongly think that they have peace with God because they were, at some past point, forgiven. What multitudes don’t realize is they can lose their salvation and peace with God through sin.

Holiness Preacher Dan Corner teaches about the VITAL importance of pursuing peace and living a life that is righteous, AFTER you have been born again. He uses the Bible to show that even though you have once found peace with God through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, your future sins are not automatically forgiven. To learn more about this salvation related topic, visit

The Harry Potter Book Series and Movies

Following the publication and popularization of the Harry Potter book series, many professing Christians rightly came out in protest of the books and movies. Like other books for children and teens, the Harry Potter series is about witchcraft and wizardry, sins which will send one to the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8). Witchcraft through Harry Potter has, unfortunately, been growing in popularity to the detriment of SOULS.

The Harry Potter books and movies put the wrong ideas associated with the occult in the minds of children at an impressionable age. While Christian parents may love books that motivate their children to read, they must carefully avoid all which may lead them astray from Christian beliefs, especially into something as sinister as the occult.

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