Bible Studies

Bible studies are specifically geared for the saints. Through such the righteous can grow spiritually and be warned of various relevant dangers. Bible studies are, therefore, very important but one must be careful that the bible studies he is getting are coming from a real Christian. There are many false teachers and false prophets in our day who also offer Bible studies (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Calvinist, Church of Christ, United Pentecostals, etc.), which can actually damage the recipients. To gain true insight and understanding of the Bible, one must sincerely seek it directly from the Scriptures themselves, especially through meditating and pondering them. It is best to carefully read the Bible for yourself rather than to make the common mistake of just trusting another’s interpretation, even one whom you love and respect.

To find sound Bible studies look no further. Evangelical Outreach directed by Dan Corner has MANY teachings from the Bible.

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