Demons and Demon Possession are Real

Drive Demons Out With Jesus Name

Demons and demonic possession are very real! Dan Corner has had the unusual opportunity to drive a demon out of a young woman while he was pastoring as he conducted a Bible study. The demon possessed girl attended this Bible study, similar to the man with an evil spirit in the synagogue where Jesus was teaching in Mark 1:21-26. Most Christians are unaware that the devils attend church.

The girl asked for prayer because her stomach hurt. As Brother Dan Corner laid his hands on her head and began to command the demon to come out in Jesus’ name, she fell to the floor and started to cough repeatedly. Brother Corner continued to pray and command the demon to come out. Suddenly she fell back on the floor and appeared to be dead. After awhile she opened her eyes and got up. When Brother Dan cautioned her to get saved or the demon would return and bring with it seven more wicked demons, she readily asked God for mercy.

She informed all who were present that the demon had grabbed hold of her lungs as it made its way up through her throat and came out of her mouth.

This is a convincing testimony of the power in Jesus’ name. All Christians have this powerful spiritual weapon available to them. By the way, a wooden cross and holy water have no effect on the demonic.

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Once Saved Always Saved Contradictions

A contradiction is one of the surest ways to know error exists. In other words, it is absolutely impossible for two conflicting messages to both be right. Either one of the messages is wrong or they are both wrong; but they cannot both be right!

Anyone who has read much on the subject of Once Saved Always Saved has certainly read contradictory interpretations of key verses. This must imply error! Somebody is apparently wrong, and therefore, misleading their following. If this wasn’t related to God’s eternal truth, it wouldn’t be as serious as it is. Unfortunately, it does and, therefore, it must be addressed.

Evangelist Dan Corner boldly addresses the obvious contradictions of the once saved always saved teachers in his 801 page volume refuting eternal security entitled, “The Believer’s Conditional Security” which can be purchased at a 15% discount for a limited time at his website